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17 - 21 June 2022

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Measurement sheet:
At check-in, measurement sheet for the sail and boat measurement are also issued.
The owner enters the basic data (name helmsman, sail number, no. of the NFIA, DSV badges) in the measurement sheet.
Sail measurement:
The sail measurement takes place in the marquee (see port map).
In front of the tent there are lists in which each participant must register with the desired measurement time. A maximum of two sets of sails may be driven to the Gold Cup.
The sails that have not yet been checked at any championship are measured and given a control stamp. Sails that have already been checked at a championship and have an old control stamp will receive a stamp upon presentation.
The sail measurement slip will be signed accordingly.
Boat measurement:
The surveyor team comes on board and checks the boat (see measurement sheet for details). The surveyor fills in the boat measurement sheet.
After successful checks, both running slips are signed by the owner and handed over to the chief surveyor Stefan Rosehr in the marquee.
Only then is the boat eligible to start!
Measurement times
Friday     17.06.2022    9:00 - 18:00
Saturday 18.06.2022   8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Control measurement of the sails
Control of each participating boat
Each owner is responsible for ensuring that his boat is in front of the 1. Start was measured.

Port Map

Hafenplan Gold Cup 2022

The harbour map shows the berths for the folk boats,
the location of the marquee (Folkeboot Lounge) for the sailors of the Gold Cup.

Download Port Map PDF 900 MB


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